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April 2018 Success and Achievement Rewards

Posted by Owner 08/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Breaking News,

We are so pleased to announce that this month’s Shopo World Achievement Award has been presented to Lani Reanzares for being the "Most Active Partner" at Shopo World during March 2018 for her online store at “lovelyangels.shopo.world”.

Lani has embraced the new challenge of opening her own online business with Shopo World and has shown great enthusiasm and character in the steps to push it forward. She has also shown hard work in adding a large number of products to her shop which takes times and effort.

Each week Shopo World chooses a product from any one of our online partners and uses this as a product of the week. During April, LovelyAngels was featured and as such we saw record breaking hits on our social media platforms. Fantastic result for a well-deserved business partner.  

When you decide to partner with Shopo World, you are not only promoting your own products and online shop, you are becoming part of a community and network with other like-minded partners. All partners together form the brand Shopo World and it is only together that the platform will grow and expand globally through the represented countries.

Over the past month we have seen a great number of new partners join Shopo World and we are extremely excited to see what will happen next in our journey. New partners equal new opportunities for everyone. New partners equal the chance to build a bigger and better network that can benefit more people - both partners and customers alike.

And don’t forget that partners YOU introduce will increase your income too!

As mentioned with our online marketing, we have seen record breaking results this month through the power of social media and we truly believe that customers have a desire to see our products and business opportunities and WANT to buy from Shopo World partners!
Do not be afraid
telling people about your business and what benefits it can have to them. Spread the word through your own social media profiles and embrace the power that can be had when you promote your products online.

Building a business is not an easy task but with the help of the Shopo World community, there are many opportunities to see success in your online business. Starting with a simple ecommerce site and building a partnership and network around you is the basis around Shopo World and we are looking to expand that community globally as more and more represented countries become involved.

Again, we would like to congratulate Lani Reanzares for her fantastic achievement in April and would love for you to visit her shop at lovelyangels.shopo.world and join hands with us to say ‘well done’. “

If you’d like to find out more about how to become a partner at Shopo World, visit our business opportunity page or simply sign up for FREE via our “Sell With Us” form and become part of an ever growing online community.

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