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Why us?

Business Ethics

Shopo World is a very unique and ethical business, which doesn’t just seek to improve health and wellbeing and provide the fashionable clothing, cosmetics and ect., but also fights financial poverty through its generous commission and discount structure. A proportion of all partnership fees and profits are donated to charitable organisations and churches to provide humanitarian aid and a wide range of other needs experienced both in the UK and overseas.

What makes Shopo World so different from other websites?

Shopo World was founded on the strong belief in Community and Teamwork without the distraction of Competition. Whilst competition can be a healthy facet of business, it can also lead to internal hostility, price wars, reduced revenue, bitterness and ultimately self-destruction.

The entire business plan was devised by a team of international business professionals who were influenced by the success of the premier e-commerce organisations and adopted some of their most notable attributes whilst maintaining a completely independent focus. Therefore the structure of  Shopo World is truly unique in every sense. It enjoys the simplicity of the local convenience store, the product and service multiplicity of a mega department store, the outstanding attention to service and the supply chain efficiency of an international courier service.

As if that were not sufficient to put Shopo World on the global map, the reward schemes, generous discounts and commissions for registered partners and customers and the many advantages for manufacturers and suppliers are unrivalled. Any adult of any age with internet access, in any ‘free’ country, with no financial savings to invest, can become a Business Owner with Shopo World.

Albeit a cliche, everyone is a winner with nothing to lose by joining us at Shopo World.

Unique Business Plan

Every person on this planet has an interest in good deals, quality and service. Therefore Shopo World has devised a genuinely unique and innovative Partnership Plan which does not foster competitive hostility, does not demand any investment and does not retain extortionate fees. Many people initially join as Partners “Free” with no Registration Fee to pay or investment in products yet soon enjoy the huge discounts and commissions which can be earned from simply helping other people to help themselves whilst not depending on others for success. They soon become serious about the business potential and progress to Partner “Professional” with unlimited access to discounts on thousands of products as well as the ability to earn a passive income.