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Interested free credit facility

In the credit card debate, there’s something to be said for both sides. Credit cards can either help you or hurt you, depending on how you use them. Treating your credit card as free money, never thinking about whether you can really afford what you’re buying, is a one-way ticket to financial ruin. But using it wisely, spending within your budget and paying off the balance every month, helps protect your assets and can even put some extra cash in your pocket.

Both fans and foes of credit cards have already made up their minds the topic, and nothing is likely to change them. But for those who are on the fence, it’s worth taking a closer look at the arguments on both sides – against credit card use, and in favour of it – to see just how well they hold water.

Advantages of Credit Cards:

  • Convenience. Fast Payment & Easy Access. The option of shopping today and paying the money back over time, instead of having to wait.

  • Consumer Protections. Credit cards protect you against some forms of loss. For instance, if you order something online and you never receive the package – or you receive the wrong item, or the item arrives broken – then you can formally dispute the charge with your credit card issuer.

  • Better Credit Score - Better Credit Card Deals - Lower Interest Rates.

    • Record Keeping. When you make most of your purchases with a credit card, you’ve got an automatic record of your spending. Your credit card bill lists all the purchases you made during the month, with their amounts, so you always know exactly where your money is going. This information can be very handy for creating a budget, or for making sure you’re sticking to the one you already have.
    • Cash Back Rewards. This is the simplest type of reward: The bank takes a percentage of the money you spend and returns it to you, either as a check or as a credit toward your bill.
    • Points. The trickiest credit card programs are the ones that pay your rewards in “points.” Once you earn enough points, you can cash them in for gift cards or merchandise, or transfer them to other travel rewards programs. However, in many cases, the cash value of the items you get with your points isn’t stated, making it hard to figure out exactly how much value you’re getting out of the program.

      Disadvantages of Credit Cards:

      • Interest Payments. The most obvious problem with credit cards is that if you carry a balance, you have to pay interest – a lot of interest.

      • The Temptation to Overspend. Opponents of credit cards argue that even if you always pay your balance in full and never pay a fee, paying with plastic still costs you money. Simply by swiping your card, they say, you automatically spend more than you would handing over a wad of cash.

      • Interest Makes It Harder to Pay off the Balance.

      • Risk of Getting Into Debt

      • Risk of Ruining Your Credit Score in case if you will be late with your payments.

      Shopo World has a good solution and gives you flexibility with the ability to borrow money when you need it with up to 2 years interest-FREE credit facility which you can use after you checkout products.  With Shopo World you'll be using the most advanced retail finance technology there is. That means more sales conversions, happier customers, simple integration and real competitive advantage.

      We make it quick and easy for customers to apply for retail finance with our completely digital process. Checkout in just minutes if you have been approved. We're so confident we're the best we even give you an accept rate guarantee.

      Key Benefits:

      • Equal monthly repayments.

      • 0% APR.

      • Agreements can be settled at any point.

      • The first payment will be due approximately one month after delivery of goods/services.

      • A range of payment terms available on purchases between £250 and £25,000.

      • A subsidy will be charged for offering this product.

      It doesn't matter if you are buying in-store, online, on the mobile or over the phone.

      Our AcceptPlus feature means we can guarantee the best accept rate. How? Because each finance application is assessed against multiple APR options with multiple lenders. Instead of declining an application outright we can offer them a different credit option or a different lender.

      Our smart technology is meticulously crafted to minimise drop-out and ensure as many customers as possible complete their purchase.

      We do this through a powerful combination of sophisticated conversion rate optimisation, ongoing multi-variate testing, mobile-first development, intelligent user experience, clever acceptance rate boosting features and a smart decision engine to minimise referred applications (applicable for the UK only)