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About Us

Shopo World is the result of many years of planning, development and design emanating from a most laudable business concept researched as long ago as 2006; that of helping others to help themselves. A unique, community-based, ongoing project is the result, based on the five principal foundation stones of Simplicity, Quality, Service, Affordability and Rewards. It is on this bedrock that success is born.

  1. Simplicity:

The creators of Shopo World went about creating a business plan which could be easily understood and implemented by any adult from any level of society by utilising the latest computer software and web design techniques.

2.  Quality:

Every effort has been made to ensure that all products and services available on the Shopo World website are of very high quality and reliability whether, for example, fashion, natural cosmetics, organic food items or health equipment.

3.  Service:

The very word “service” creates emotive reactions in all of us as we recall incidents of both excellent and poor service. Shopo World has invested substantial, time, effort and finance in its Partnership training programs, shipping company contracts and packaging facilities with a view to providing a service which is second to none.

4.  Affordability:

Few would argue that a business proposition which promises no investment, no stock, no staff and no overheads is not affordable. It’s a fact that a Shopo World Partner can commence business with no capital outlay yet still derive a substantial income. This may of course, lead to interest in other levels of Partnership involvement.

5.  Rewards:

Whether one’s main abilities lie in marketing, communication, research or direct sales, there are impressive rewards to be gained from being a  Shopo World Partner “Free”, “Basic” or “Professional”. Massive product discounts of up to 95% are available as well as introductory fees and commissions.

Shopo World has created an international marketplace where almost anything can be accessed from anywhere by anyone at anytime for the purpose of buying, selling, networking or renting goods and/or services. It enables real-time commerce across an ever-expanding range of categories including local business interests, travel, consumables, hospitality, entertainment and live events. Advertising options are simultaneously available to partners in order to expand and manage their businesses. Shopo World is of the opinion that it is impressive people who develop impressive companies, working backwards from the end consumer to the original web designers. Conversely, this mentality has the effect of propelling us forward which is why community development is essential for our growth and progress, internally, locally and globally where it will ultimately affect the well-being of mankind worldwide.

Mission Statement

“Shopo World aims to expand its worldwide community of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers through its unique and ethical business model which has been designed to eliminate the harmful elements of competition. It has generated a global gateway, not only to thousands of wide-ranging, competitively priced, quality products but also reaches out to almost half of the world’s population who are its potential, internet-using customers, if not fellow Partners. With its generous, multi-faceted reward and discount system, Shopo World intends to remain at the forefront of innovative e-commerce in order to turn dreams of financial independence into a reality.”


The Shopo World logo has been designed to depict unlimited shopping capability with the use of gold chart and globe. This seeks to illustrate the diversity of clientele and the wide range of products, services and business available.

Unique Business Plan

Every person on this planet has an interest in good deals, quality and service. Therefore Shopo World has devised a genuinely unique and innovative Partnership Plan which does not foster competitive hostility, does not demand any investment and does not retain extortionate fees. Many people initially join as Partners “Free” with no Registration Fee to pay or investment in products yet soon enjoy the huge discounts and commissions which can be earned from simply helping other people to help themselves whilst not depending on others for success. They soon become serious about the business potential and progress to Partner “Professional” with unlimited access to discounts on thousands of products as well as the ability to earn a passive income.

Business Ethics

Shopo World is a very unique and ethical business, which doesn’t just seek to improve health and wellbeing and provide the fashionable clothing, cosmetics and ect., but also fights financial poverty through its generous commission and discount structure. A proportion of all partnership fees and profits are donated to charitable organisations and churches to provide humanitarian aid and a wide range of other needs experienced both in the UK and overseas.

Shopo World Head Office

Shopo World’s Head Office is situated near the bustling seaport of Southampton on the south coast of England and conveniently within a stone’s throw of Southampton International Airport. It’s light and spacious offices and boardroom facilities are an ideal venue in which to meet with discerning manufacturers, suppliers and Partners undergoing training. However weekly webinar meetings are conducted via the internet for any interested parties to join from almost anywhere in the world, to benefit from informative training sessions followed by questions and answers.

International House,

Southampton International Business Park,

George Curl Way,


SO18 2RZ