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What is "Drop-shipping"?


"Drop-shipping" is a key business model in the order fulfilment where the supplier handles shipping and the retailer handles sales. Seems simple?

Not so,

To become a drop-shipper you need to build an e-commerce website, which could be very costly.  Finding good suppliers or niches not very easy and it might strain your business especially when competing with other sellers.

Stock shortages are common problems "Dropshipper"  would have to face and with reduced profit margins could leave your total profits in unsustainable levels.

Whilst launching a "Drop-shipping" business might not take huge start-up funds (except the website), it will require immense hard work.

Is there a way of avoiding this hassle? 

What if we provided a FREE professional website with the platform for your business model? We solve your hassle by advertising and expanding your business at the same time by providing the high quality products, resources, services and other unique Shopo World features. Shopo World is truly exclusive in every sense. This copyrighted system is just     what you need to start a profitable and successful business! 

Sounds good? Find more about all benefits.

Become a ‘Dropshipper’, by choosing a suitable Membership plan.


As a Wholesaler, you know how hard it can be to sell large amounts of products to customers. This means finding specific markets (they can be saturated), target specific clients and effectively promote your products not to mention the distribution process.

Shopo World is founded on the strong belief in Community and Teamwork. Our system distributes your products and grows your business in the process to reach the final consumer. This kind of system is unique to give Wholesalers the ability to expand quickly and reach a wide category of people. This is because we deliver a “4 in 1” solution (Seller, Affiliate, Dropshipper and Wholesaler) meaning a better functioning business platform for you.

Read more about all benefits provided to Wholesalers.

Become a Wholesaler, by choosing a suitable Membership plan.