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?Buyer protection

  1. Shopo World guarantees “Buyer Protection” that allows Customers to purchase with confidence from Shopo World website. This guarantee extends to the following:

    1. an ordered item failed to arrive within the stated time

    2. the item delivered was not as described

    3. the item delivered proved to be not genuine but fake

  1. Shopo World shall only provide such guarantee to buyers who have purchased items on its website Shopo World using PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Visa, MasterCard, Delta and Maestro

  1. Customer understands and accepts that Shopo World will not provide Buyer Protection in the case of any or all of the following:

    1. fraudulent charges to a credit card

    2. orders or payments made outside of Shopo World claims of non-delivery when logistics company proves otherwise

    3. claims that an item is not as described when there is proof to the contrary

  1. Shopo World shall offer a full refund to the following:

  1. Shopo World shall offer a full refund to customer if ordered products fail to arrive or if products fail to arrive within the delivery time promised by the seller accepting situations arising in 4

  1. Shopo World shall offer a full refund should the ordered product prove to be significantly different from the seller’s description

  1. Should the ordered product prove to be significantly different from the seller’s description, Customer may negotiate a discount with the Buyer in return for the buyer retaining the product in which case Shopo World will refund the discounted sum to the Buyer and will deduct said discount from Customer’s commission

  1. Shopo World shall not offer a full refund in the following cases:

    1. a buyer provided an incorrect or incomplete delivery address or for other reasons within the control of the buyer

    2. the product could not be delivered for reasons outside the seller’s control such as non-clearance through customs, accident, natural disaster or Act of God

    3. circumstances beyond the control of Shopo World

    4. a buyer did not arrange for a person to receive the item or did not collect from the designated office


Please all the time check Seller’s refund policy as it could be a customer’s responsibility to return and bear the postage cost, which is not refundable.