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How Business Works?

Once explained, most enquirers are surprised at the unique business system and soon develop confidence in both the financial opportunities as well as in the products themselves. Once recognising that Shopo World has various options to become business owners this could result in access to hundreds of products at huge discounts and the facility to market those products and services in order to develop a sizeable client base of healthy, loyal customers.

WHAT makes Shopo World so different from other websites?

WHERE is the catch?

Conventional retailing and especially wholesaling usually results in holding substantial quantities of stock, a business overdraft and/or loan, renting or purchasing appropriate premises, fitting out, employing staff, paying business rates, meeting utility bills and working set hours each day (often at weekends) and maintaining a delivery vehicle.

Conversely, with Shopo World, you need no stock, no business overdraft or loan, no premises (work from home), no staff, no business rates, no additional utility bills, able to work flexi-time and no requirement for a vehicle. A business with Shopo World can be started with absolutely NO MONEY.

The “catch” is that it will take some of your time and effort to tell family, friends or customers about your website. The more of those “commodities” you invest, the greater the returns will be.

Who Benefits?Due to this community of Partners worldwide, the vision continues to evolve. That vision is to provide a global gateway to thousands of wide-ranging, competitively priced, quality products thus enabling its partners, from all walks of life, to reap the benefits of generous rewards with little or no financial investment.We encourage both manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, resellers to adopt this unique business model, which could resultant sales.A bespoke business system has been created to accommodate the requirements of such organisations like Hospitals, Farm Shops, Clinics, Salons, Supermarkets, Retail Shops, Gymnasiums, Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Care Homes, Department Stores, etc. could benefit from attractive discounts.

HOW can I start?


Whether you wish to be a Customer, a Partner or a Supplier (or all three in one), it’s as simple as a, b, c

or like RBT:

  1. Register to access the entire website and products

  2. Become a Partner, Supplier or Customer

  3. Tell other people