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Make Money Online - Affiliate Business

Posted by Owner 15/09/2014 0 Comment(s) Money Online, Social Media, Marketing,

With Shopo World, it’s incredibly easy for Sellers you to generate and share my unique you referral URLs/links anywhere. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers on how you can generate or create my own referral links, and where you can share them.

After registering an affiliate account with Shopo World it will be given your affiliate link which you will need to add it to each product you wish to promote.





How do I generate you referral URLs/links?


There is a way how referral links can be generated:


1. Find a product which you would like to advertise.

2. Type a name of the product




3. Choose a product


4. The link which system generated still not completed ‘tracking=’

5. Copy Sellers tracking code

6. Add to the end of ‘tracking=’





7. It is ready to be advertised on a social media or your own website.



Can I still promote other Sellers products if I don’t have a website?


Yes! Whether you have a website or not, you can promote Seller’s site and products on social media, offline, or anywhere else using the supported Shopo World referral URL form.

How can I share Seller’s site or products specifically through a social media?


You can use a generated on Shopo World referral link to promote Sellers products via any social media platform (including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more).

When you shared the referral links on any of these platforms, you need to ensure that Sellers site and products are showcased properly; all links shared in a social media post should display the correct page title or product title, the correct site image or product image, the correct page URL, and/or a correct description.

Can I track the performance of where my marketing efforts are focused?


Yes! you referral URLs can include a campaign parameter which helps you track and monitor the performance of  your links for example on Google Analytics.

You may wish to use campaigns to a specific place or marketing channels - such as in an email, on a particular social media platform, or on your own website (if you have one).

The campaigns created by you are visible in the Statistics tab when you are logged in to the Google Analytics. This tab also shows the following campaign data:


  • The number of visits through a specific campaign referral link

  • How many unique referral links have been used for that campaign

  • Whether the conversion was successful (a referral was generated)

  • And what the conversion rate is for that particular campaign.


Using this campaign parameter will allow to identify where you should focus my marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals.

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