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TMB-4 7 Roller Innovation Spine Massage Bed Far Infrared Spine Back Pain and Legs Blood Circulation Deep Heat

-23% TMB-4 7 Roller Innovation Spine Massage Bed Far Infrared Spine Back Pain and Legs Blood Circulation Deep Heat
Deep Heat therapy can help injuries and inflammation, relaxes muscles and reduces stiffness in the joints, relieves pain and improves blood supply to affected areas to aid healing, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow More

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*Overall information about therapy massage beds benefits


As any Chiropractor will tell you, care of the spine is essential to our well-being and should be frequently and regularly realigned through massage manipulation to help to prevent back and hip pain, scoliosis, bursitis, headaches and migraines, sciatica, stiff necks, etc. which are all musculoskeletal derived problems. However, the vertebrae also encases the spinal cord which incorporates our complex nerve tissue which controls the activities of the body. This, together with the brain, comprises the Central Nervous System.


The Thermal Massage Beds could have a system of airbags to provide gentle compression of the lower legs which stimulates the muscles and encourages improved blood and lymphatic circulation. The massaging apparatus runs from the top of the spine (cervical) down through the lower back (lumbar), and can be programmed to provide tapping, rolling or kneading motions, or a combination of stroking and kneading to simulate a “Swedish” massage.


Not only does our Thermal Massage Beds provide massage therapy but it also could provide Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Hyperthermia, Deep Heat Therapy. By heating of the bio stones or bioceramic further encourages the absorption of harmless, body compatible, far infrared rays and negative ions into our bodies which may provide the following Health Benefits:


Far Infrared

  • Dilates capillaries and stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

  • Strengthens and supports the immune system. Reduces harmful toxins

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Aids creation of nitric oxide to prevent many kinds of diseases

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

  • Promotes rebuilding of injured tissue

  • Relieves nervous tension and relaxes muscles


Negative Ions

  • Improves respiratory function

  • Helps to maintain normal blood pressure and known to benefit cardiac muscle function and facilitate the dilation of capillary vessels

  • Often improves sleep quality as well as helps to relieve pain and tension

  • Stimulates enzymes thereby reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels whilst increasing calcium levels and the amount of nitrogen and creatinine in the urine

  • Encourages bone density and counteracts vitamin deficiency

  • Aids the production of white and red blood cells, haemoglobin and stimulates reticulocytes, platelets and raises PH levels

  • Improves the reflex system and enhances disease-fighting capability


Bioactive Ceramic

  • Relieves pain

  • Reduces swelling

  • Promotes tissue alkalinisation

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Increases tissue oxygenation

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Assists in relief of addictive tendencies



  • Deep thermal therapy can alleviate pain and penetrate through the body working to destroy existing “bad” body cells. Enables capillaries to dilate, thus enabling good circulation


Deep Heat Therapy

  • Relaxes muscles and reduces joint stiffness

  • Relieves pain and improves blood supply to affected areas to aid healing

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases blood flow

  • Dilates vessels supplying blood to muscles surrounding the lumbar region of the spine. This increased supply of oxygen and nutrients can help to repair damaged tissue.

  • Sensory receptors in the skin are stimulated when applying heat to the lower back. This can reduce the transmission of pain signals to the brain and in turn, relieve discomfort.

  • The application of heat makes soft tissue around the spine, including muscles, connective tissue and adhesions more pliable. The result may be a reduction of stiffness and an increase in flexibility and comfort.


Other benefits of using heat therapy combined with massage with our Thermal Massage Beds is that, compared with most therapies, it’s inexpensive and can be carried out whilst relaxing, reading a book, listening to music or watching television. Of course it’s non-invasive and a non-pharmaceutical form of lower back treatment.


Therefore daily use Thermal Massage Beds is not only recommended but almost essential. Their popularity has grown due to the many health benefits and their aesthetic design to blend with the finest of furniture, Thermal Massage Beds have become affordable for any discerning household.


If in any doubt regarding the use of Thermal Massage Beds, potential purchasers should consult with their medical practitioners especially if the following medical conditions exist:


  • Recent surgery or recent fractures,

  • Sprains, or bruising;

  • Following chemotherapy or radiation therapy;

  • Osteoporosis;

  • Pregnancy;

  • Fitted pacemaker;

“By making the right choices, we can make the right choice for our future”, (George W Bush). With such a wide variety of therapeutic massage Beds to choose from, this statement could not be more true, as your choice will undoubtedly affect your future ... health.

*Overall information about Far Infrared benefits


How can I see Far-InfraRed Technology at work?

There used to be plates made out of FIR that were commercially available. When an ice cube was placed on such FIR plates, it melted seven times faster than it would have melted on its own (due to the thermal heat created by FIR energy circulation). Literally, the ice cube melted like it was filmed in fast motion. Sadly, these plates have been discontinued (if you can get one, let me know!).


What should it feel like to use the Far-InfraRed Technology?

FIR should feel like subtle currents of energy running all around the area of your body that is in physical contact with it. Although faster results can be achieved by putting your skin in direct contact with FIR, it is better to have some cloth between FIR and your skin. This keeps the oils from your skin from wearing down the FIR fabric too soon. This keeps your skin from absorbing any chemicals used in the finishing of the fabric (this is very important for the chemically sensitive).


What if I feel nothing when I use the Far-InfraRed Technology?

If your energy is circulating perfectly (very rare) or if your energy it totally blocked (more common), you may not feel anything when you use FIR. If you feel nothing, it is likely that you are toxic and will need to go on a detox program.

So what it takes is patience and time, when the energy is flowing, you will feel it. It is like the song says "you can't hurry healing... no, you just have to wait... Change don't come easy... it's a game of give and take..." It will happen: be patient!


Will Far-InfraRed Technology (FIR) make me feel overheated?

Although Far Infrared Rays are often referred to as "heat radiation", use of FIR healing tools should not make you feel overly hot. Most of the time, for most people, FIR will only make them feel slightly warmer than room temperature.


The "heating effect" of FIR is minimized because its rays are drawn into the deeper tissues of the skin-muscles. This can (but usually does not) cause more than slight perspiration. If, at any time, you feel hot, just take off the FIR healing tool and cool off for awhile.


Can Far-InfraRed Technology (FIR) heal my medical problems?

FIR is not meant to be used as a primary course of treatment for any medical problems. "It is not meant to replace conventional medical treatments or ongoing therapy but to complement and facilitate these treatments."

"The goal of 'integrative medicine' is to use the wisdom and integrity of conventional and complementary healing together to assist the healing process.


How long should I use Far-InfraRed to assist my healing?

If you feel any discomfort or if you just "feel" like you need to stop, then stop. There is no set amount of time that you should use FIR... how long and how often you use it depends on the nature of your health problem.

To start, use it no more than 30 minutes a day. When you can handle more FIR, then build up to progressively longer times. The easiest way is just to place it where healing is needed the most. For example, I often lie down with a FIR quilt under my lower back or my upper back or my ankle while working on the PC... and can do it all day!


How can the maximum benefit be gotten from FIR technology?

If you love FIR, then the best way to benefit from it is to use a "full body" far-infrared bioactive ceramic mat.

Human sweat contains roughly 2% toxins and 98% percent water. Yet, with bioactive ceramic mat the maximum detoxifying effect!


Since Therapeutic equipment works to heat your body "from the inside out" a sweat volume of 2-3 times higher also  increase the blood flow to your body




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