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MedLand ML-M9 EcoMini 12x Photon Infrared PEMF Mat 80x50cm

New MedLand ML-M9 EcoMini 12x Photon Infrared PEMF Mat 80x50cm
MedLand ML-M9 EcoMini 12x Photon Infrared PEMF Mat 80x50cm

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Overall information about Ecomats benefits


The use of far-infrared and deep heat therapy has been scientifically proven to be very beneficial. Bioactive ceramic or natural stones emit far-infrared and it has been used to help relax muscles, reduce stress, increase blood circulation, boost the immune system, fight with inflammation and etc.


Some Ecomats could combine a full range of therapies such as deep heat, detoxification, far-infrared, ionisation, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) or photon light*. 


The technology was created to provide health benefits and promote an overall sense of well-being. The Ecomats have been known to aid conditions such as musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, headaches and migraines, stress, poor circulation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, ME/chronic fatigue, hypertension, breathing ailments such as COPD, arthritis and other.


Specific elements of Bioactive ceramic mats :


The effect of Far Infrared (FIR) penetrates deep into the human body, thereby improving:

- blood circulation

- oxygenation

- regenerating cells

- strengthening and supporting the immune system

- reducing harmful toxins

- boosting the metabolism

- stimulating the cardiovascular system

- rebuilding damaged tissue

- relieving nervous tension

- relaxing tired muscles. 


Negative ion therapy increases collagen production within the body’s tissue helping develop healthy skin and bones. Tourmaline generates a large number of negative ions that then bind to positive ions and neutralize the free radicals. Therefore, cells become more permeable allowing them to absorb nutrients more easily. This can enable the body’s cells and tissue to rejuvenate and heal from injury and illness. Studies reveal that negative ions actually help decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is believed that negative ions contribute to the production of white and red blood cells, haemoglobin and platelets and helps to raise PH levels by reducing acidity in the body.  Negative ionisation counteracts the damaging effects from electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) which emanates from cell phones, computers, air conditioning, televisions and the daily pollution to which we are exposed.


Some benefits of Ionisation:


- Neutralise free radicals

- Revitalise cell metabolism

- Enhance immune function

- Increase metabolism and promotes healthier digestion

- Purifying the blood

- Alleviate depression

- Relieve stress

- Boost our daytime energy.


Deep Heat therapy can help injuries and inflammation, relaxes muscles and reduces stiffness in the joints, relieves pain and improves blood supply to affected areas to aid healing, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.


Bioactive ceramic is known to detoxify tissue and the body’s systems by emitting far-infrared and negative ions (if has tourmaline). This promotes tissue alkalinisation and oxygenation, often improving sleep patterns, calms the nervous system and assists in the relief of pain.


Photon Ligh therapy. The application of light therapy was put into use because it was believed that it could improve health, particularly when used with far-infrared. By applying light deep therapy into tissues of the body it could decrease wound and injuries healing time. It could also help with arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders.


Some studies show, that by using light therapy, the epithelial cells could increase growth which performs a variety of functions that include protection, secretion, absorption, excretion, filtration, diffusion, and sensory reception.




Photon Ligh therapy combined with far-infrared has a number of benefits which are released through the absorption of photon light. It could:


- Increase blood circulation

- Accelerate wound healing

- Reduce inflammation and pain

- Body tissue and cell growth 

- Help with arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders 

- Reduced depression symptoms






PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. PEMF therapy actually originated from NASA's research involving the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields on astronauts for fatigue, depression, bone loss and other problems. 

Hundreds of studies on PEMF Therapy shows that PEMF may be a novel, safe and effective therapeutic tool for use. 


Since the cellular reaction takes place in everybody, PEMF therapy can be used to assist with the majority of conditions. In fact, clinical studies have demonstrated that PEMFs therapy could help:



- Boosting Immunity

- Increase Circulation

- Improve Blood Oxygenation

- Decrease Inflammation

- Accelerate Healing

- Relieves Pain

- Enhance Muscle Function

- Reduce Stress and Anxiety

- Improve Sleep

- Regenerate Liver 

- Accelerate Bone Healing

- Improve Digestion

- Regenerate Cells

- Stimulate RNA and DNA, Stem Cells

- Enhance Performance

- Balance Energy

- Detoxification

- Tighten Skin


The combination of all of the above medical benefits from the Ecomat is unprecedented and effectively relieves tension, muscle spasms, chronic illness symptoms, stress and pain.

The body absorbs all the benefits into the cells and tissues which provide a firm basis for maintaining health.


Medical conditions

The bioactive ceramic Ecomats  are therefore very beneficial, however, before using, one should consult with a doctor or if feeling vulnerable due to any medical conditions such as: 

- vascular problems

- bypass surgery and/or a pacemaker

- open wounds

- taking blood-thinning medication

- suffering from a fever or temperature sensitivity

- pregnancy and others.


*Please check the Ecomat description if the mat could provide ionisation (needs to have a tourmaline component), PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) or photon light therapies. Each mat could have different features which you could find on a short description explanation. However, all Ecomats emits far-infrared and could provide deep heat and detoxification therapy.  


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